physical presence
I often felt in front of living beings, above all in front of human heads, the sense of a space-atmosphere which immediately surrounds these beings, penetrates them, is already the being itself; the exact limits, the dimensions of this being become indefinable. An arm is as vast as the Milky Way, and this phrase has nothing mystical about it.
(Alberto Giacometti)

Several naked women seen at 'the sphinx ' while I was seated at the end of the room. The distance that separated us (the polished floor) and which seemed impassable in spite of my desire to cross it, impressed me as much as the women.
(Alberto Giacometti)

distance (2)
I am what the figure is, out there, and in being like it I am seperated from it.
(Alberto Giacometti)

One day, when I wanted to draw a girl, something struck me, which was that I suddenly saw that the only thing that stayed alive was her gaze. Everything else – the head turning into a skull – became more or less the the same thing as a dead man’s skull. What made the difference between a dead man and the person was her gaze.
(Alberto Giacometti)

If I look at you from the front. I forget the profile. If I look at you in profile I forget the front view.
(Alberto Giacometti)

We nearly always live through screens – a screened existence. And I sometimes think, when people say my work looks violent, that perhaps I have from time to time been able to clear away one or two of the veils or screens.
(Francis Bacon)

(…) I am looked at, that is to say, I am a picture.
(Jacques Lacan)

op het spel
De substantie van elk wezen wordt onophoudelijk door elke andere op het spel gezet. Zelfs de blik die liefde en bewondering uitdrukt, hecht zich aan mij als een twijfel aan de werkelijkheid.
(Georges Bataille / Maurice Blanchot)