direction / performance: Seon-ja Seo
video: Bram Vreeswijk
sound: Gary Shepherd
light /set-up: Minna Tikkainen

Performed at the Veemtheater, Amsterdam.

For this performance I tried to create a ‘visual echo’ of Seo’s dance. What could that be? What does it mean to work on, as we said, ‘the same thing’, in different media?
Since Seo told me she tried to work on ‘a body without a form’, I thought I had to make an image without an image. After working for a while on frames, I decided that the image without an image had to be the screen. So I took that as a basis. Projecting a screen on the screen.
The forms (after all) that appear on the screen are abstract copies of the forms of Seo’s choreography. In the timing of the video I tried to copy the speed/slowness of Seo’s dance, as I experienced it. So this is something intersubjective. I didn’t measure her speed/slowness but tried to observe, for myself, what I experienced as the amounts of change in her body. I called this movement (in my own body) ‘the movement of curiosity’.

Watch video performance and echo

In this text I talk about Under-presence.